Thursday, July 19, 2012

the bamboo races the honeysuckle to take over the farm

the bamboo races the honeysuckle to take over the farm.
and there is evidence
of the hog barn which i am sure gave such a stench, i am grateful it was before our time.
of the horse barn, for horses borrowing this land, i dream of having hooves here someday.
there are silo pads that i imagine give way to some underworld tunnels that i will have to discover anytime now.
and of the chickens.
the poor little sweet chickens that have been plucked from this earth, one by one. i loved you all. well...mostly...there were a few in the beginning that kinda made me wonder if i was brave enough to take on the animal kingdom.
but for now, it rains and i am content.
the trees grow high, the grass is plentiful, and the mind can run aimlessly through the overgrown meadow, the bamboo forest with lovely warrens of forts, the pine tree forest where everyone has learnt their tree climbing skills, the barnyard complete with bonfire pit, the empty chicken coop, the backyard in which nobody plays, the side yard where all the evil snakies live, the landscaped-ish front yard, the secret dog run, the evolving confidential clubhouses of honeysuckle, the hidden highway overlook, and the deteriorating spring house.
never, and i mean never,
are you to venture down to the highway.
and i mean it.
which reminds me,  i'll reign my brain in for a minute and check on the boiling water, the chatter of kids and friends playing happily in their rooms, and an interior landscape i have yet to conquer.

yes, i am content.

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